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N2 Elite USB NFC Reader

N2 Elite USB NFC Reader

N2 Elite USB NFC Reader

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  • AMIIQO, currently renamed N2 Elite, is a device with a diameter of about 4 cm and a thickness of about 5 mm. It can be read and written using the Android app (also requires NFC function), and at the same time, an additional PC can be used reader.
  • A piece of AMIIQO can write up to 200 bin files at the same time and can be erased at any time to replace other bin files. There is a small button to switch sequentially, or you can use the Android app to read or write or activate any bin file at any time. .      The N2 elite is developed and co-produced by many members of the foreign group (maxconsole forum).
  • The founders are some players. They have launched many peripheral accessories and won the praise of many players. Designed for analog amiibo, the product supports multi-platform (NS/WIIU/3DS) simulation and supports multi-platform (PC/Android) management.


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