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RG350M Aluminium Alloy Retro Game Console

RG350M Aluminium Alloy Retro Game Console

RG350M Aluminium Alloy Retro Game Console

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Changes and Improvements

The main complaints of the RG350 have all been addressed in this revision.

  • The d-pad position is swapped with the left analog stick. Now the d-pad is up top and the analog below it
  • The internal microSD card is now accessible from the outside of the shell. The secondary microSD slot is still present too
  • The analog sticks are now low profile versions, which protrude less distance from the shell. This should mean the device is more easily pocketable than its older brother
  • The LCD has even had an upgrade, from 320×240 to 640×480
  • The power button is now on the right-hand side of the shell.
  • The volume rocker is now on the left-hand side of the shell.
  • Both microSD slots are accessible on the bottom of the RG350m
  • TF Card : Support tf card max to 256GB


I bought the game console I want from this store, it is so cool, I recommend their store


Eu comprei RGB10,Realmente essa atualização melhorou muito , além da tela bonita do menu do sistema , não precisa mais usar programa pra ter acesso as pastas.


Tardó aproximadamente 10 días. Muy rápido. Sorprende lo rápido que llegó. Todo excelente. El producto va de maravilla. Muy contento con la compra.

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