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PS1 MINI Game Enhancer

PS1 MINI Game Enhancer

PS1 MINI Game Enhancer

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1. PS1 mini flash game memory includes 176 classic games of PS1, and Open Source simulator includes 7000+ games.

2. Compatible models: True Blue Mini PS1 Mini compatible. Scope: Extended game pack 3. Supporting two-player battles, a high-speed 3-port USB hub is presented, and packaged contents: Game Enhancer * 1, Hub * 1, Package * 1

4. Does not support game downloads. Most of the built-in games have been checked.

5. How to operate: A. Press the Start button on the system screen to enter the PS1 game screen. B. When you leave the PS1 game, press the host's RESET button (Reset) C. Press the O-shaped button on the PS1 game screen to return to the main screen D. Press the "Square" button on the system screen to open source simulator E. Press SELECT + START at the same time to exit from the Open Source simulator. F. To return to the system interface from the simulator screen, select Main Menu, select the Quit Retroarch option, and exit. G. On the system screen, press R2 + L2 at the same time to shut down the game console.


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Eu comprei RGB10,Realmente essa atualização melhorou muito , além da tela bonita do menu do sistema , não precisa mais usar programa pra ter acesso as pastas.


Tardó aproximadamente 10 días. Muy rápido. Sorprende lo rápido que llegó. Todo excelente. El producto va de maravilla. Muy contento con la compra.

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