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Q80 Retroid Pocket Handheld Game

Q80 Retroid Pocket Handheld Game

Q80 Retroid Pocket Handheld Game

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1. Miyoo Max system, built-in rg350 system, pocketgo2 upgraded version, smooth joystick operation.

2. The heat dissipation is very strong. When playing without power, the maximum temperature will rise by 5 degrees

3.There are tens of thousands of retro games, video games and PS 1 Games in the 32/64gb memory card.

4. If the customer only needs to purchase 64GB card, please try to choose the service specified by the merchant. If you are buying a game machine, please try to choose Alibaba express worry free standard logistics


I bought the game console I want from this store, it is so cool, I recommend their store


Eu comprei RGB10,Realmente essa atualização melhorou muito , além da tela bonita do menu do sistema , não precisa mais usar programa pra ter acesso as pastas.


Tardó aproximadamente 10 días. Muy rápido. Sorprende lo rápido que llegó. Todo excelente. El producto va de maravilla. Muy contento con la compra.

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